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Dental Implants Services Houston

Dental Implants ServicesAn implant is a man made root, made of surgical titanium (like artificial hips or knees), that is implanted into the upper or lower jaw (not as painful as it sounds!). On top of this implant is placed a crown, non-removable bridge or removable bridge such as a denture. One of the benefits of an implant is that teeth next to the space being filled by the implant remain untouched. Another benefit is that the implant will never get a cavity. They can have problems similar to gum disease but the success rate in the lower jaw is 97% and in the upper jaw it is 95%. To assist Dr. Silberman with the implants he works closely with a number of periodontists or oral surgeons close to the office who are able to place the implants accurately, safely and comfortably. After the requisite healing, when the bone is firmly attached to the implant, Dr. Silberman completes the crown or final restorations fairly quickly.